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A true little paradise, unique in Reunion Island, the Lodge Roche Tamarin & Spa****

is your must-see destination to escape and relax.


Ideally located, halfway between Saint Denis and Saint Gilles les Bains beaches,

the LODGE ROCHE TAMARIN & SPA **** will seduce you with its original concept.


Ideal for romantic getaways, located in a green setting of one and a half hectares,

the hotel is made up of Lodges built entirely of wood with refined

Safari Chic inspired decoration.



The Lodge Roche Tamarin & Spa

born from a love story

In 2000, the Lodge Roche Tamarin concept was born, inspired by South African lodges and built by a native from South Africa, Mr. François Naude and Reunion island local, Mrs. Eve-Marie Lechat.

The environment is at the heart of our actions, a philosophy which is still respected today.

“From the beginning, our hotel is committed to the environment, in order to protect our planet, we opt for environmentally friendly facilities and procedures. “

When we started building the Lodge, the designer asked me:

“How are you going to prepare the ground?

“Spontaneously I replied,” I will level the ground with a backhoe loader! “

“This land has been like this for how long? “

Surprised by his question I replied “200, 300 years … or even more as the land was intact …”

“How long are you going to live there?” “

“I hope for 20, 30 years …”

And suddenly I realized the disproportion between the time of occupation and the upheaval I was going to cause by destroying a land that the winds and the rains had shaped over the centuries …

It was in this spirit that the Lodge was born.


Commited to the environment:

Our objective is to minimise our impact on the environment: The Lodge Roche Tamarin & Spa is part of the ecotourism movement, or responsible tourism.

The Lodge is a place which promotes sustainable development and limits as much as possible the production of waste (through the sorting of our waste, shredders …) whilst ensuring a low consumption of our different resources (use of rainwater, recycling…).

The hotel and its structures are built on a land which has undergone very little digging and no underground networks for electricity, AEP, evacuations … 

Our hotel is mounted on stilts and built with wood issued from South African managed forests, the structure blends into its surrounding nature with its colors and volumes.

A choice which prioritizes sustainable development.


3 Questions to Mrs Lechat

A sentence to make you want to stay there:

The Lodge Roche Tamarin & Spa invites you to escape in an atmosphere that fuses South African safari-chic with the richness and beauty of the verdant nature of Reunion. Designed to blend in with the natural environment, our solid wood bungalows are cozy, comfortable, elegantly decorated and the hot tubs on the private terraces facing the ocean invite to soothe the soul.

The particularity of Lodge Roche Tamarin & Spa:

Our Boma. A South African concept which consists of an open-air enclosure with a campfire in the middle, ideal for sundowners, private events or a buffet dinner and which will ensure you a unique experience in Reunion. But also the feeling of harmony with nature, which each being intimately seeks, in a hotel environment.

Any new projects ?

We have so many … The Lodge is constantly renewing itself in order to offer you a unique experience while adapting to its every day environment .

The Lodge Roche Tamarin & Spa through the years...

Since its opening the Lodge has reinvented itself throughout the years

Vidéo from 2017 – Photos between 2014 & 2017

EU / Region Reunion Logos

The extension, modernization and upgrade of the “Lodge Roche Tamarin” hotel is co-financed by the European Union and the Réunion Region.