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The Boma

an essential part of the bush tradition.

The word “Boma” is a Swahili word that refers to the fence that surrounds

the area where people eat (to protect them from any surprise visit of wildlife),

and traditionally village elders gathered to celebrate or debate something in their community.



The Boma is characterized by a fire and the thrill of being exposed to the elements of the night…

Dining at the Lodge’s Boma ensures a friendly moment, where all guests enjoy a memorable dining experience,

while telling stories around a campfire and enjoying delicious dishes inspired by South Africa and Reunion.

Open only for events organized by the Lodge

or on privatization for more information

contact us on 0262 44 66 88

or by email at infos@villagenature.com

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The extension, modernization and upgrade of the “Lodge Roche Tamarin” hotel is co-financed by the European Union and the Réunion Region.