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Treat yourself to a moment of relaxation, with our massages with heated vegetable oils.


Body Massage 

Ephémère – 30 min – 60€ or  60 min –  95€  or  90 min – 145€ 
A custom made massage, which you will design with your therapist, to create your perfect and unique massage.

Body Harmonie – 60 min – 105€
Intense and very complete, our signature massage uses balinese, shitasu and thaï massage techniques. 

Lomi lomi – 60 min – 105€
Inspired by the traditional Hawaien Chamanique techniques, this massage is completely realised with the fore arms, and will mimic the deep moves of a wave, leaving you with energy and deeps muscular relaxation.

Stone Harmonie – 80 min – 125€
A hot stone massage, which will enable you to reroot yourself whilst enjoying all your body relaxing. 

Back Massage – 30 min – 60€
This massage invites you to let go immediately thanks to itspowerful and intense maneuvers .

Face Massage

Kobido – 60 min – 105€
This facial massage uses Japanese ancestral techniques, and is the beauty secret for rested and lifted skin due to the pressure and drainage. Let yourself be carried away in a moment of absolute relaxation…

Feet & leg Massages

Jambes légères – 30 min – 60€
Ideal for people who suffer from heavy legs or circulatory disorders, this massage helps to drain, stimulate venous return and offers a feeling of lightness thanks to its subtle blend of camphor and menthol essential oils.

Réflexologie plantaire – 30 min – 60€

Foot reflexology considers the feet as a map of the body where one can act on reflex zones corresponding to the organs to be stimulated.

Future Mom

Future maman – 45 min – 75€
An intimate and sensory moment to share with baby from the fourth month of pregnancy. Made with neutral oil, this enveloping and gentle touch massage covers the entire body to provide deep relaxation.